Pyrotexx® fire sleeves provide excellent resistance to intense radiant heat, sparks, molten metal splashes and occasional flame.
The aging process of rubber or plastic lines in hot environments significantly slows down with Pyrotexx® fire sleeves or make their use possible.
Our products are used to protect employees from burns due to hot hoses or pipes, while reducing costly heat energy losses.


High-quality aluminum-boron silicate glass (E-glass according to DIN EN ISO 2078) is the basic material of our Pyrotexx® fire sleeves. It is characterized by high tensile strength, excellent thermal and outstanding electrical insulation.
E-glass is resistant to oils, greases, solvents and organic acids.
It is non-flammable, asbestos-free and harmless to health.


The high bulked fabric of our Pyrotexx® type AS has significantly higher thermal insulation properties and better elasticity than the smooth filament yarn Pyrotexx® IS or F88V.
The high bulked fabric include large amounts of air, thus improving the degree of isolation.

Silicone Coating

Our Pyrotexx® fire sleeves are equipped with a self-extinguishing, halogen-free silicone coating. This coating is resistant to oils and many solvents. It is highly resistant small amounts of molten metal, glass, etc.. Exposure to flame, the silicone coating transforms into a protective SiO2 refractory layer. Good abrasion resistance and mechanical strength complement the benefits of silicone coating.

Standards and Testing

RoHS konform Directive 2011/65/EC

UL1441 VW-1 (flame-retardant)

DIN 5510-2 / DIN EN ISO 5659-2
Determination of toxicity

CIT4: 0,01
CIT8: 0,04
FED 15min: 0,01

DIN 5510-2 / DIN 54837
Inflammability class: S 4
Smoke development class: SR 2
Class of the capacity of forming drops: ST 2